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Updated 5/04/2020

It is with GREAT PLEASURE that I am announcing our FULL re-opening.  It has been a tough six weeks for many of us. Tough decisions had to made about closing the office for as long as we did.  Ultimately we assessed the fluid situation, reviewed the available data, and considered our conscious about the right thing to do.  We feel we did our part in closing for as long as we did. We feverishly reached out to you all (our practice members) via social media, email, text, phone calls, and video chat to understand your needs and provide as much support as necessary. For some that were updated exercises and stretches. For others that were nutritional and supplementation support. Some needed to be seen in the office for care and we provided a safe environment for that as well.  

Starting Monday, May 4th we will resume our normal adjusting hours. For now, massage is available at certain times and we are working with our therapists to get back to full capacity there ASAP.  We have been reaching out to everyone, the schedule is filling up fast. If you don't have an appointment yet call, text or email the office to reserve your spot. Remember you can text the main office phone number now directly at 415 389 1098.  We CAN'T WAIT to connect with everyone!!!!

Thanks for being patient with us! We are following CDC guidelines and doing everything possible to provide a safe and healthy environment for you to return to. In this new environment, your visit will most likely take a little bit longer. The physical space will look different as we are making room for distancing.  There is a new normal for now and we are doing our best to ensure a smooth safe transition. 

Now even more so than ever, it is important to focus on health and well-being. The mission of our office has always been about more than just pain relief. We have always educated on the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.  We will be doubling down on our offerings to help people get and stay healthy.  You can expect more options for monthly wellness memberships, individualized nutrition and supplementation programs based on lab work and more physical fitness programs.  Stay tuned for more information on these programs.  

Families that get healthy together, stay healthy together. We encourage you to get your family members checked for subluxation (misalignment). Don't save all the benefits of natural immunity through the chiropractic lifestyle for yourself.  All family referrals for the month of May will be entitled to our Health Breakthrough Evaluation for only $47 (regularly $315) This includes (consultation, evaluation, digital posture analysis, computerized neuro stress assessment, x-rays if necessary, and report of findings.)

Here is a list of measures being instituted FOR EMERGENCY VISITS ONLY AT THIS TIME  

  • All patients will be adjusted in a PRIVATE ROOM.
  • There will be NO check-in on IPADs. Dr. Seth will check in with your progress and symptoms personally and will chart them into your record directly. 
  • Upon arrival, you will be escorted to a private room for the entirety of your visit. 
  • All scheduling will be altered to limit the number of people in the office, allowing for maximum distancing. 
  • All Tables are being wiped down after and between each visit.  Chiropractic, Massage, Decompression and Exam tables included. 
  • Essential oil diffusers are running with antimicrobial and anti-viral oils.  
  • Hand washing and sanitation between each visit.  
  • All patients will sanitize hands before and after each visit.   
  • The Doctor will be wearing a mask 
  • If you have a mask, please bring it to your visit and wear it. 
  • If you have any cold like symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, fever please DO NOT SCHEDULE. If you present with these symptoms you will not be seen by the doctor. 

Focus on everything you can do to stay healthy.   Eat clean and healthy, move your body, get proper sleep and reduce your stress which is also achieved through chiropractic. 

Please consider continuing to support our local small business during this time.  We are taking all measures possible to mitigate exposure and risk to our practice members.   We are acutely aware of the impact this will have on many small businesses in our community the Cafe of Life included. 

Thank you to those who have shown support by purchasing additional adjustments, massage packages and gift cards for future use.  This is VERY much appreciated! 

We at the Cafe are absolutely here to care for you and your family.  

If you are not leaving your home and would like to still benefit from chiropractic to boost your immune system, call and connect with us. A HOME VISIT can be arranged.  We have portable tables and will travel.  


We look forward to hearing from you

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  • "Cafe of Life Chiropractic Center were highly recommended to me by a few of my neighbors. I had some long time lower back and neck issues that were bothering me -- and it was just time to fix the problem. I signed up for a 2 month program -- and wow, the results are amazing. My neck is moving again, my lower back feels great, and other parts are that I didn’t know were stuck are moving again too! Cafe of Life is technology forward -- I love the scans of my back so that I can see the progress. They also have complimentary services like massage too. The team over at Cafe of Life is professional, fun and on top of their game. Scheduling is easy -- little to no waiting when I arrive for my adjustment. Love these guys!"
    Jeanmarie Boben / Mill Valley, CA

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