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Reduce Knee Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

Knee pain can be debilitating. Getting up and down stairs, long walks, and even getting around the house can be difficult when your knees hurt. The cause of knee pain Read More

Every Step You Take

The average person walks over 100,000 miles in a lifetime! Every step places stress and strain on your foot and ankle. Most ankle injuries occur in the soft tissue, meaning Read More

Tennis Elbow? I Haven’t Swung a Racket in Years!

You don’t need to be John McEnroe to feel the pain of tennis elbow. Actually, 95% of people who suffer from lateral epicondylitis, or tennis elbow, don’t even play tennis! Read More

Bio-Hacking Your Nervous System Naturally

Your life is experienced through your nervous system. Think about that. Every thought, breath, heartbeat, memory, and movement happens in coordination with your central nervous system. Researchers have found that Read More

Can Chiropractic Help You Lose Weight?

Bottom Line: If you are looking to lose a few extra pounds this month, you are not alone. Many of our patients are working towards a similar goal. How you move, eat, Read More

Can Pain Be a Good Thing?

Bottom Line:  Pain is your body's way of signaling to you that something needs your attention. In other words, when a problem occurs in your body due to ergonomic stress, spinal Read More

Bad Disc Slowing You Down?

Spinal discs play an essential role in your low back, acting as small shock absorbers and giving you the ability to move in many different directions. Your discs are comprised Read More

Move Your Way to a Better Immune System

Dr. Seth Labott discusses how exercise can promote natural immunity Read More

Start Off This Year with an Energy Boost

Getting enough sleep can be difficult around the holidays. Well, let’s get real- many of us don’t have the best sleeping patterns to begin with, and the holidays can make Read More

How to Reduce Stress in the New Year

Are you overwhelmed by stress? Well, you're not alone. Studies show over 54% of people are concerned with the amount of stress in their daily life. Many of us carry Read More

Tools For Dealing With Poor Air Quality Due to Wildfires

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the victims of the California Wildfires.  This is very close to home. For many of us, it brings back trauma and devastation Read More

Finish 2018 Strong! Tips to avoid losing all that progress you made this year.

The holiday's are here!  Can you feel the stress is mounting?  Usually this time of year self care goes right out the door. If you are like most people in Read More

Why are there so many kids in our office?

Everyone knows that visiting a chiropractor can lead to significant improvements in wellness for adults. However, you don’t have to be a grown-up to enjoy the many advantages offered by Read More

Upcoming Workshop on CBD & Annual Food Drive!!

Cafe of Life Marin Chiropractic Center is hosting a free, educational, interactive event to talk about the benefits of CBD, what it is, and how it works in the body. All Read More

Can Chiropractic Care Help Degenerative Disc Issues?

A common question patients ask us is "how can chiropractic care help with degenerative spine issues?" Dr. Seth Labott D.C. with Cafe of Life Marin Chiropractic Center explains how chiropractic Read More

Why Am I Sleeping Better?

Why Am I Sleeping Better? While Chiropractors generally aren't thought of as being experts on sleep issues, one-third of people who have a chiropractic adjustment report that they experience immediate sleep Read More

Viewing 49 - 64 out of 171 posts


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